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Quick connector

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1, quick connector definition: quick joint, is a kind of no need to be able to realize the pipeline connection or disconnect the connector. It has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, high pressure, such as interchangeable. In the urgent need of frequent assembly and disassembly pipeline is particularly suitable.
2, the scope of application of quick connector:
1. Air: mainly used for the rapid installation of air pipes, pneumatic tools, fittings. Corresponding to its use, there are rich and varied body material, size and installation of various shapes.
2) gas: mainly used for general fuse tube has high flow rate, durability, corrosion resistance characteristics. The main material, size and installation of rich and varied shapes.
3) use: mainly used for gas-liquid ion cooling device, brewing device, piping work machine cutting oil piping, washing machine. The utility model can be used for conveying liquid, gas, powder, etc. through a simple lever operation. The main material, size and installation of rich and varied shapes.
4) hydraulic type: the main material should be used to resist vibration and shock metal. Size and installation of various shapes.
5) inert gas: to be used for vacuum piping, compressor pressure test. Sleeve, plug has built-in vacuum switch for the purpose of automatic switch, the state can be maintained at 1.3 * 10Pa vacuum.
6) cold water temperature oil: mainly used for universal mold interface. Completely realize the simple operation of the exchange of the mold, to strengthen the rust prevention function, variety.
7) semiconductor: mainly used in semiconductor, fluorine resin semiconductor production equipment. The main material shall be corrosion resistant metal or molded resin (PFA) resin.
3, quick joints can be classified into the air: quick connector, oxygen fuel gas, liquid gas fast joint common quick connector, hydraulic quick connector, inert gas, cooling water temperature oil with quick joint quick connector for quick connector, semiconductor.
4, the internal structure of rapid joints:
In order to save time, improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, in semi fixed and mobile sprinkler irrigation system, small sections of the mobile pipe between the commonly used quick connector connection. Some fixed sprinkler system between the nozzle and the standpipe are quick connector
5, the structure of the classification: both ends open and close, both ends open, single open and close.
Open and close at both ends
Do not link: when the mother's ring moved to the other end, stainless steel bead automatic roll out, operation force sub body due to maternal and child common valve by the spring force and the valve closed off, their daughter and the mother, instantly blocking fluid flow.
Link: when the body is inserted into the matrix ring, back to the original position under the action of a spring, a steel ball rolling lock body are tightly connected, and parent and progeny to promote each other and open the valve, fluid flow, O ring can completely block the leakage of fluid.
Open at both ends
Do not link: when the mother's ring is pushed to the other end of the steel ball, automatic roll out, therefore, the sub body is removed; because the progeny and parent are no valves, fluid flows.
Link: when the body is inserted into the matrix, the spring force ring is pushed to the previous position caused by steel ball locking, fluid flow, the O ring to prevent fluid leakage
One way opening and closing
Do not link: when the mother's ring moved to the other end, stainless steel bead automatic roll out, sub body is the valve spring counterforce spring open the valve will automatically shut down to prevent fluid flow.
Link: when the body is inserted into the maternal side ring when the valve is opened to fluid flow, the force of the spring washer is pushed back to the original position, stainless steel beads will lock to ensure that the child / parent connection, which can prevent the leakage of washer fluid.
6, function
Exchange function: air pressure, hydraulic tools, cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, metal mold related machinery accessories.
Maintenance function: computer cooling device, die-casting machine cylinder maintenance.
Test function: vacuum, pressure, leakage, running test.
Transportation: bolt, nut and other solid conveying, handling and conductive function.
Filling function: inert gas, nitrogen, PG, carbonic acid.
Connection: fixed rod, pocket CD, use of the connection and fluid conveying outside the mobile operation.
7, advantages and characteristics:
1, save time and effort: through the quick joint disconnect and connect the oil circuit, the action is simple, save time and manpower.
2, fuel-efficient: broken oil line, one-way valve quick connector can seal oil, oil will not flow, avoiding oil, pressure loss.
3, environmental protection: quick joint break and connection, the oil will not spill, protect the environment.
4, convenient transportation, large equipment break up the whole into parts, equipment or hydraulic tools need to be portable, fast after the split joint transportation, arrive at the destination after assembling.
5, the economy: all of the above advantages for customers to create economic value.